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There are three fictions at work here. Each fiction is malleable and can be interwoven at each viewers' will. A young man poses seductively, for one afternoon, in the lush landscape of southern Germany, a few feet beyond his grandfather's garden. He wears make-up, eye-shadow, rouge, mascara and lipstick. He plays the role of the porn model and a body doubling for that of the photographer. Collier Schorr plays the amateur photographer and self-portraiturist. There is a young man and yet there is not. Schorr has designed a theater of layered costume changes, a blending of identities that leaves the viewer with a subject askew. He or the model is supposed to look like something he is not. In these portraits of the artist, a model is "made-up" to access a forbidden femininity. Schorr hijacks a ghostly ideal and slips inside its skin.


A Perfect Day - a selection of works chosen by Collier Schorr will be shown in the back room. This small group show will explore the artificial state of perfection.