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Sam Falls creates works of art that incorporate a playful yet conceptually rigorous approach to material and process. Interested in the nature of photographic exposure and representation, Falls has experimented with the long-term effects of sunlight, rain, and temperature on such diverse materials as painted aluminum, heat-sensitive tiles, and colored glass, as well as fabric, copper, and marble. In Light Over Time, works like Untitled (Maze) and Untitled (Scales) are painted in select areas with UV protective paint, leaving the untreated surfaces to fade as they are exposed to the elements, marking the passage of time. 

Falls is also interested in the role of the viewer, creating works that are experiential and interactive. On the Commons, Untitled (Wind chimes) reveals new colors beneath the surface of the painted clapper when played. Similarly, shadows, light, and body heat transform the colors of Untitled (Thermochromatic bench) as the tiles respond to changing temperatures. Untitled (Light rooms) and Untitled (Maze) encourage curiosity and interaction, inviting us to enter the sculptures to fully experience them. Combining forms that reference familiar objects such as windows, benches, and playgrounds with natural processes, the artist draws attention to the passage of time and our engagement with the objects around us. 

This exhibition is curated by Andria Hickey