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For its 2016 season, the Kistefos Museum presents the exhibition Reflection by the Danish artist Jeppe Hein, featuring selected works created between 2002-2016. In conjunction, the Kistefos Museum will also unveil a major new permanent artwork, "Path of Silence," which Hein has created specifically for their sculpture park.


In his exhibition Reflection, Jeppe Hein invites us to experience his artworks physically, jumping on a bicycle to activate a work or encouraging us to play on the social benches located in the sculpture park. By creating a space for both active engagement and mindful contemplation Hein wants to sharpen our awareness of ourselves and our surroundings.


"Path of Silence," Jeppe Hein's permanent installation in the museum's sculpture park, invites visitors into a mirrored labyrinth encircling a fountain, multiplying the surrounding landscape through layered reflections. Jets of water form "walls" which systematically rise and fall, culminating in a roaring silence while creating a variety of inhabitable spaces. The notion of a traditional maze is reconfigured, disrupting one's sense of direction and location. This open labyrinth awakens the senses, giving us a fresh perspective on ourselves and our environment. Where are we and where are we headed? These are the questions that occupy the artist.