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Eva Rothschild brings together new sculptural commissions with recent work spanning the last decade of the artists’ diverse yet distinctive practice. Shaped by a myriad of influences from minimal art of the 1960s and 70s to classical architecture, spiritualism and pop-culture, Rothschild has developed an international reputation for sculptural forms that are both striking and spare, as sharp geometric shapes morph into flamboyant, enigmatic compositions. Stripped of excess, Rothschild’s abstract arrangements draw the mind into spaces where power, ritual, the architectural and the existential intersect.


Alongside the artist’s interest in the materiality of sculpture – encompassing ideas of form, mass and scale – is a questioning of the physicality of the body and its role both in the act of making, as well as experiencing, an artwork. Rothschild’s striking forms, assembled from a variety of materials including concrete, leather, jesmonite, fabric and plastic, encourage an energetic as well as aesthetic response from the viewer, as they navigate their own corporeality in relation to the work, the composition of the exhibition, and the architecture of the gallery. Several works consider the social potential of sculpture as spaces in which to convene and converse; to relax within or, more actively, play.