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303 Gallery is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition of new paintings by Maureen Gallace. These small, quiet oil paintings combine the formulas of traditional American landscape and still life: houses, barns, green trees and blue sky have become objects of her investigation of painting throughout her 10 year career.


These paintings are reminiscent of the work of Georgio Morandi in their incremental attempts at reducing such terms as transience and permanence to paint. The light is irrational: shadows follow no rules of science. The artist’s colors--stormy grey green, gold, ochre, and the blue white of winter--are applied in sparing brush strokes over visible woven canvas. The strength of these paintings is their sameness, their chant of form and color. The viewer can follow the formal decision making of the artist mark by mark and still be faced with a reality that is unqualified. It is neither ideal nor banal, general nor specific, but a reality that has been assembled in order to be experienced.