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303 Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of the current work of Samara Caughey, Dexter Dalwood, Evan Holloway, Jason Meadows, and Shannon Oksanen.


In Jason Meadows’ small mirrored sculpture, the domestic object becomes unfamiliar as he paraphrases a cardboard box. The shifts in ground plane lend the box a strong sculptural resonance. In his larger sculpture, a common step ladder is renegotiated by creating a tension between abstraction and representation, as the materials transmit the essence of a ladder while not in ladder form.


Samara Caughey’s sculptural floor pieces are painted wood platforms of spatial memory. Suspended in a moment of abstracted topography, the platforms also reference the irony of man- made outdoor habitats.


Dexter Dalwood’s paintings depict rooms familiar to the collective imagination although neither he nor the public has seen the actual spaces. Inspired by decor pieced together from design magazines, Dalwood’s chambers resonate with believable reality.


Evan Holloway’s sculpture of a Stealth bomber pauses, either passing through or being stopped by the floor, rendering the currently deployed war plane a formalist structure. His graphite drawing depicts a cartoonish space that both flattens and bends as one changes perspective. Holloway’s mirrored three-part sculpture distorts the viewer’s reflection, re-arranging body parts as the viewer participates by moving around the piece.


Shannon Oksanen’s drawings repeat subtle differences of a singular subject, a portrait caught in repetition. The many drawings of singer Nana Mouskouri mimic the hundreds of Mouskouri’s recorded album covers, on which the repetitive image of Mouskouri changed so minutely that one can only discern a difference in time by a change in hairstyle or color of eyeshadow.