This autumn, Château La Coste presents a new exhibition by the Danish artist, Jeppe Hein, curated by Luise Faurschou. Hein is widely known for interactive, experiential art that draws on minimal aesthetics, technology and a witty sense of humor.

After spending some time at Château La Coste in 2016 and again in the spring of 2017, Hein has proposed to re-organize the gallery space, designed by French architect, Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Partly inspired by the different routes and options that visitors find around La Coste, Hein has broken up this voluminous, “white cube” space into a series of smaller spaces. In doing so, it presents visitors with various choices and experiences along the “way”, as is suggested by the exhibition title.

Throughout this journey, visitors encounter different works by Hein, including new pieces fabricated for this exhibition. At first glance, these works appears playful, while various art historical references indicate Hein’s knowledge of the wider discourse in which he participates. However, at the heart of Hein’s practice is an overwhelmingly positive outlook on human nature.

Overall, the exhibition offers a moment to reflect on the function of art in relation to both a shared, social moment and our individual health in the broadest sense. This epicurean focus on pleasure and the senses, combined with the design of the exhibition, create an interesting dialogue with the environment at Château La Coste.