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The material and its intrinsic qualities are at the heart of the sculptural lexicon of Nina Canell (born in 1979 in Sweden). The artist points to the plasticity of transfers - of energy, matter, data, thoughts - which surround us, using the exhibition space as a field of correspondences. Her works result from the presence of concrete materials and immaterial forces allowing the emergence of fluctuating and unexpected relationships.


Emptied fiber-optic cable sheaths describe collapsed forms on the ground. Nothing seems to indicate the vast amount of shared energy by these submarine arteries, remains of today’s compressed world. Elsewhere, puddles of fractured water form a geography of surface tension, a sluggish layer of crawling mastic gum deforms from a wall-mounted shelf and wires mechanically exercise and coordinate their memory according to the given temperature. The works in the exhibition sensitively interrupt and reimagine, insisting on meaning and exchange in the intermittent gaps between subjects and objects.