303 GALLERY presents new works by 7 artists who have developed a specific criticality concerned with cultural and psychological emblems.


STEPHEN FRAILEY explores the passage of time by comparing one culture through art and another through product. He photographs classical Greek art reproductions after placing contemporary objects on top - visually freezing a moment of confrontation,


ALICE ALBERT uses color photographs taken from black and white images,  critiquing the existing notions of femininity as determined in both the  art reproduction and fashion image. By juxtaposing the two and using advertisement text these pictures are rearticulated and present the  spectator an alternate feminist view.


ALAN BELCHER creates a fine limb between sculpture and photography - investigating texture and dimension and using the surface image as a further representation of both.


BRIGITTA ROHRBACH rephotographs news images, and through repositioning  of the negative, larger than life reproduction and distortion, the intended message takes on an effluential mistranslation. By way of manipulation, her work mirrors the viewers immunity towards the influx of mass transmitted imagery.


PETER SANTINO explores the transfiguration of ordinary man into an object of religious devotion. Through the transformation of a sign into an icon, Santino dissimulates the absence of a basic reality - honoring the simulacra as a worshipable divinity.


LISA MANN examines the consumption of women by positioning porn star Marilyn Chambers into various arenas of assailability. She delineates the confrontation between the object of the "look' and the subject of the 'look", reifying the constant of women in the media.


CHESTER PANNELL'S black and white lightbox packages the slick pop vinyl seduction of the Sixties. The luminosity of the subject allures the spectator into a mode of vivification.