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Sam Falls -  - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

“As the moon orbits the earth it tries to pull everything toward it, the only thing the earth can’t hold on to is water. People can hold on to everything but time. The ocean moves up and down, it cleanses the rocks and sand. Time heals our wounds but it ages our bodies. There’s a beauty and a sadness in the moon, in time. There’s eternal return in the cycle of the tide, it defies time while time defines us. This show merges natural elements and artistic processes to highlight our relationship to time, the intrinsic lightness and darkness of aging, the gravitational pull of life, and the shifting spectrum of melancholy” – Sam Falls, presentation of the project, January 2015.


The book documents the installation of Sam Falls at the Fondazione Giuliani, on display from 14 February to 18 April 2015. The works on display – in different mediums – explore ways of faithfully representing time and understanding it through art. For the American artist, time is elusive and the future is “filled with meaning” only when it becomes “now”. The present, divided between past and future, has the optimism of production and the melancholy of aging.


ISBN: 978-88-97503-67-5
Format: 17 x 21 cm
Pages: 220
Language: Ita./Eng.
Edition of 500 copies
Year: 2015

Published by NERO