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Nina Canell - Tendrils - PUBLICATIONS - 303 Gallery

Published by the Douglas Hyde Gallery

Text by John Hutchinson

Graphic design by Robin Watkins

40 pages

Published in cooperation with the Douglas Hyde Gallery


Nina Canell's art might be described as a kind of modern alchemy, as much of it is about transformation and a search for deeper, more unified, beauty; her experimental artistic practice is characterised by poetry, whimsy, and humour, but most of all it is about trying to imagine and articulate what is commonly beyond our sight. Material things are subjected to elusive or capricious operations that change or affect them; sometimes they remain separate but entangled, but just as often they dissolve into one other. The work in this book is about air, its stuff and substance, as well as all that moves in it, such as waves, particles, sounds, and seeds.